How did the cow cross the road?

With damn respect

These two cows are grazing on a patch of grass that divides the roads that take you in and out of Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago. Just behind them, it is a residential area mostly populated by middle class Trinidadians. At this junction called Victoria Gardens, people drive out with their SUVs as they head to into Port of Spain.

But on mornings, a farmer leads his cattle to graze and maintain the plot of land for free. The cows go about their business with no care in the world until they want to move to another patch of grass.

At this spot on the Diego Martin highway, it is one of the most unsafe places to cross and drivers often neglect that pedestrians need to. Most people spend a considerable amount of time trying to time the cars as they speed by.

But these cows have it easy, they don’t have to belch out moo! or shake their heads side to side to sound the cowbell, they just precede to cross the busy road regardless of the morning rush. And when this happens, you bet your life drivers give them all the respect as they screech their cars to a halt. -thebookmann

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