Lapeyrouse Wall

Sometimes you come across a moment that stirs your senses from a image that seems so important. And as you capture it, it is in the capturing that a memory is stirred that leads you to another image painted on canvas. This is when a thought occurs that you have seen it before. It is the impact. It stops in you tracks and in its recognition is what makes art important. It is the moment of the experience that can last for a lifetime. It may be small or large but art is impacting.

This is the wall of Lapeyrouse cemetery in Port of Spain, Trinidad and a figure of a person is caught in a heavy down pore, protected by a light pink umbrella. What is unique about this photograph is that the likeness and composition has been captured before by a renown artist. The painting, Lapeyrouse Wall hangs within the walls of the Moma in New York.

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