Painting by memory

At the Horizons gallery in Port of Spain, three painters are exhibiting on the theme of the Caribbean. By this they are the usual seascapes, forna, cultural representation and the island viewed from an different angle. The latter is the work of Shannon Hutchinson and she with Hilma Smith Barnes and Robyn Knaggs have brought elements of their Caribbean-ness together.

Ms. Barnes’ approach to paintings comes in two methods. Her portraits are from sitting models and by memory. She also notes that her Jamaican roots are expressed in her work and her take on the rich culture from Trinidad and Tobago, hers differs by the subtle differences in tone. In the smaller room, Robyn Knaggs has many scenic and plant-life paintings. Many scenes are well known coastal spots from the island. The exhibition runs from June 26-July 7th, 2007

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