Radical Art – But Not Jeans

A practical approach to the art exercise converting the jeans into wearable art.

Last November, Radical Designs sent out an invitation to local artists to participate in an Art project using a pair of their jeans. The idea was to produce a piece of Art which would be later exhibited at their store and then the pieces where to be auctioned off for a chartable cause. The exhibition was scheduled for February 2007, but nothing was hear. Carnival came and went, until tonight, and to a packed house at the Annex of the National Museum in Port of Spain, Trinidad where sixteen artists including a work by Dianne Hunt of Radical Designs are on show.

Here was the opportunity for artists to alter a pair of jeans into a couture work which could be worn as a work of art, but many of the artists kept within the literal boundaries by using quilts, beads, laced or incorporated doodles and three dimensional objects into a pair of Jeans. The exhibition looked like a farce as its justification for the such poor work is a reminder that the freedom to have an artistic expression may not always equate in its excellence. The curatorial decisions should have been more stringent.

The list of participants included professionals in the field of dance, architecture, artists, curators and industrial and graphic designers. It is also unclear how many works were auctioned off that evening. The question is whether any of these torn and tatted jeans were appropriate to a wary art buying public who are doubtful to what contemporary art actually means.

Radical Designs Jeans Art at the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago – The project ends 6th April 2007

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