Studio Notebook says, Good-bye

Recently, one of the most innovative blogs relating to Art has said its farewell to the internet. The author, Carolyn Zick of Studio Notebook has ended her five-year commitment to hightlighting the Seattle Art scene.

The Studio Notebook blog is taken very seriously, and like a few established Art blogs, such as “From the floor“, Art institutions have become aware of the power of the internet, and that Art can be described by anyone with a true desire to question it.

Ms. Zick’s curatorial work is a volume of information, and major Art institutions have linked her site because it is a thorough observation relating to the trends in contemporary Art. In each post, she has made the extra effort to link relevant views. Studio Notebook has affected in a great way the importance of the internet, and it has helped bring the public and Artists together into a network which is smaller that you think. Media corporations are scrambling to see why these blogs are gathering readership. A closer look shows that blogs of note have a relevancy of an unbiased truth, and that its main purpose is to share rather than to sell. So thank you for educating and encouraging the public to see Art or just to understand it, your contributions have been unmeasurable – thebookmann Read the Studio Notebook post on thebookmann

Image: In tribute of Studio notebook, a signature circular image of a train painted by a street artist, Port of Spain, Trinidad

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