Survival by Beauty

Some where in the nervous system of this weed, it is likely saying to its executioner; Ah nice, yuh didn’t no, Ah pretty yes, Ah lovely, is meh beauty gene……yuh know yuh ca destroy what make yuh heart go hmm.

For the most part, weeds are likely to be uprooted to ensure your flower bed is immaculately clean. This gives the plants, the ones you are caring for the opportunity to blossom without fighting for nutriments or direct sun light drained from other unwanted plants.

But if you step back for a moment and look at nature and the order of things, it all boils down to one gene. The selfish one that says; Fuck You! I’ll take what you have and spread my seed so I can out beat you and populate my kind- Ha!

You see it with wars, you see it in governing powers, religion, sports, business, courting or anyone out following their inner drive for survival and the possible means for self preservation. This is pretty harsh and for weeds, their time are very short lived if they settle down in one of those manicured plots maintained by man. Armed with an arsenal of cutting tools to swipe away those unlikely weeds. Its day has come or has it?

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