The Holocaust vs Her Majesty

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, memory to memory

It is absolutely monstrous that there are people in England right now who want the Holocaust removed from history classes in schools because it offends the disbelief of a growing group of people. I am so angry about this ignorant thinking that I must calm down as I write this! How can anyone not believe that the Holocaust happened? Yet the president of Iran is one such believer. Why is this happening? Do these non-believers think that the preserved death camps are a German version of Disneyland? Also do they believe that the films showing backhoes carrying the remains of piles of dead bodies was some form of performance art with manikins. Why are people inclined to deny this one aspect of World War II? How is it that no one ever denies that Hitler existed? Or that PolPot happened? Or that there was mass genocide in Africa between the Hutus and the Tutsis,? This selective educating, or I should say, mis-educating is both shocking and appalling! I cannot find enough strong superlatives to state just how disturbed I am with this despicable situation. How can such a thing be allowed to happen? What next, denying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is real? What about denying that currency exists and just walking into places, eating, picking up clothing and living anywhere you choose to end up! Naturally if anyone chose to do that they would be arrested immediately, so why the ambivalence to do the right thing about the facts of a dark period in the last century? A period I might add that has really not ended all wars.


Oh, and by the way, how come all of these non-believers never believe in peace, a peace process or in some sort of solution to war? They prefer to deny reality instead! Scary! Those who refuse to remember are destined to repeat it, and god help us if we are alive for that level of stupidity and do nothing! WAKE UP ENGLAND! Germany didn’t and their whole country for generations must now live with the shame of one man who was considered harmless at one point and allowed to thrive. Teach painful histories, talk about it, get every perspective. Don’t sweep things aside and act as though they don’t matter. – Adele

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