The Midnight Robber Speaks

Ah does bade in acid and scrub meh teeth in the.ashes of Caroni and grease meh foot beyond petroleum jelly

One midnight in eternity a mighty ancient wind blow from the Kalahari to the Gobi and sweep through the Sahara and there I form and rise out of the belly of the pit of hell. I is the Scorpion King!

Androctonus Crassicauda, master of the isms, schisms and flesh eating dwellers. I am the last word of the iron bird laid to rest at piarco the father of the fatherless who have no roof over their heads. Famine, tsunami, aides, when the dust blow I does cause wars, earthquakes. Revenge is mine and ah reach Trinidad ah reach! I have no beginning and I have no end. No muddah make me. Hooves like ten thousand camels across the Atlantic in a heartbeat sprinkling Sahara dust. Grains settle in grown man eye and turn children lungs to husk! Dust cannot cover the rising or setting sun and curdle the blood of all dem wining woman.

When that upstart baby bush try to outsmart, ah send my handmaidens Osama and Saddam but I come to Trinidad, ah show myself in person. Watch meh ah was cley, doh make joke with upstarts. Ah does squeeze the juice from the hangman noose and eat the dictator liver for meh supper. Ah does bade in acid and scrub meh teeth in the ashes of Caroni and grease meh foot beyond petroleum jelly. There is no pain that I have not caused. Oh, see oh people, clat, you ain’t see. The c-o-r-p-s-e of your beloved nation rotting under six feet of the hot Sahara.

I was vanquished by my enemies cut into bits and pieces and cast down into the belly of hell and Satan himself made an appeal. And when I laugh a roar more terrible than Ivan tumbling over Grenada to make politicians scamper like pot hounds in the gutter. I was born to darkness. Upon my birth the sun cower in the east. I take the tears of muddahs and missing children and government lies to mix and make venom for my tail. Ah reach, ah reach Trinidad ah reach. Take the helm from the trembling hands of the captain manning De last time I come to view the situation and skin an old fox. Exact revenge on all them people who talk talk talk and pave pave pave and leave de pan dey to suffer. All dem who think they could duck and run I will find you in the blazing sun next to a 4-inch coffin for a 6-foot man. the ship and leave him in a shallow grave for he granny to find. I go have dem running helter smelter naked and no pants from Chatham to Otaheite.

When you take muddahs and children and put them to sleep in the rain for your campaign and remember that I is the one man who plaster meh mansion with the skin of newborn babes and wove hammocks with the hair of pharaohs harem. I am the scorpion king. My sting far worse than the packers of potent poison in polyester, government assassins, train to trap your fears and barrel your tears, nozzle to temple, I badder than Burrows! Paul go pay for all. Alutrin meh hair and give me alcola to drink, ah ain’t care, have no fear, I is the Scorpion King.- Earl Thomson

The transcribed speech is from a Midnight Robber performer, it gives you an idea of the dialect, the usage and vocabulary that is characteristic of the carnival character from Trinidad and Tobago.

See the Midnight Robber King Cobo perform on youtube

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