Vantage Ford and Scalelectric

Nothing beats Scalelectric

As a child, thebookmann remembers one of his fondest Christmas Eves. It was a time when shops had their toys displayed in their show windows and also when families went out to drop off gifts and to window shop. One of the popular toys back then was the Scalelectric car set.

The following day, the Christmas stocking was full with sweets and a plastic toy car designed like the Ford Escort. It had a motor but no battery compartment but rather a strange slot to the front of it. The slot had two copper brushes attached. There was more to come but unaware to the thebookmann, he dragged the powerless car around anyway. The racing tracks, power transformer and a pair of yellow hand throttles completed the entire set. Scalelectric was so popular in Trinidad and Tobago that they had televised competitions.

Continuing the series on vintage cars in Trinidad and Tobago, this is a mint Ford Escort like the scalelectric car so many years ago.

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