Where I return so shall I die – David Hockney

Leaving with a big bang

This is the British painter David Hockney in front of the largest work he has ever produced. Entitled Bigger Trees Near Water, the painting is a composite of 50 smaller canvases which is a panoramic landscape of East Yorkshire, England, the place where the the artist was born.

In the past, Mr. Hockney had experimented with photography and produced a photomontage by using a series of photos detailing a larger composition by overlapping them. Bigger Tree Near Water is similar because it requires some sort of grid to map the entire piece. The artist must have been assisted with a mechanical obscura to project and reproduce the entire picture so that it drawn seamlessly altogether. The painting is 40 feet by 15 feet and part of the Royal Academy’s exhibition in June, 2007. -thebookmann

Here in Trinidad and Tobago the replica of ‘The inherent Nobility of Man‘ painted by Glenn Roopchand was constructed by the method of large panels assembled together. This made it possible for the large work to travel.

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