Colours of Benetton and Central Market Inscriptions

Colours of Benetton at the Central Market, Trinidad

The Central Market in Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies is a site to behold. During the up coming festive holidays, hordes of shopper from all creeds jostle for bargains and prime produce at the trust of the seller’s weighing scale, never visible to the buyer, always accurate to the pound.

But things can become very peculiar. An outbreak of a conflict, although very rare can erupt with the poisonous venom of a women’s tongue, directed to the Magga-est of men. Shouts of “Yuh Big gyul teef,” can demobilise and quell his manhood, if any.

Fock You Myiker Count

And with this vernacular, these colloquial phrases finds itself on the walls of the abattoir. Written as clearly as if spoken, with a few nuances in its syntax.

See it as you read it at the abattoir – Cuint

Fock Me Prick Buller

The Trinidad Aesthetic quote: Magga
A thin framed person

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