Gangs pay their respect, near a community centre, Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago

Since 2000, the Caribbean island of Trinidad has experienced an influx of social disturbances in crime, and the act of violence is filtering through the culture were brandishing a “puppet hand” shape gun is viewed as hip among the male youth. Graffiti is a means to voice the truth of a culture, and in abandon areas, drawings of the Nation’s state are moralized in paint.

Where popular culture, gaming and media filters into the mainstream of Trinidad
Edward Street, Port of Spain

In a narrow cove of St. James, Trinidad, this graffiti is clear and precise in it meaning. What it says is; “We don’t skin teeth, we kick-out teeth.”. Translation: Don’t come smiling at us with your teeth, we’ll remove them from your mouth.

The Caribbean man in nature with nature

What’s in the mind of the Caribbean man, how can he express himself? On the outskirts of roadways, a few illustrate their urge, their prow-ness, territory and payback under the hallucinations of ganga and pride.

Weed among weeds, death among death, San Juan, Trinidad

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