Hoytee-toytee-Horticultural Society-Veneer

Beauty short lived – Decorative Banana

Buyers of flowers in Trinidad and Tobago can represent the class. At the Horticultural Society, there are freshly cut local flowers with names such as Ginger, Sexy Pink or Decorative Banana. Customers come in and gingerly walk about, stooping, finessing and inspecting bunches of flowers as they decide which are best. Later these flowers are set in vases at Art openings or Dinners and speak of taste and upbringing. For others, they reflect a short lived pretence.

The Horticultural Society, Port of Spain

Torches and detail of the Ginger cone

The Hoytee-toytee absent at these Plastic Flower shops in Port of Spain

Yet the shops on Charlotte Street, in particular you can find flowers of all blooms and varieties placed in plastic buckets facing the street. The people who buy these flowers have no presence, no role to play in high society and simply do not care. They just like them. But with their counterpart at the Horticultural Society, they too stoop, finesse and inspect bunches of flowers. Across this land, plastic flowers are popular as ornate setting in every living room corner. False and fake they can look realistically enough to brighten up a room with an everlasting bloom. – thebookmann

Synthetics and Aesthetics, Charlotte Street, Port of Spain

Flowers of Trinidad and Tobago-impossible to clone

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