Isle of the Humming Bird

Bird of hope painted, Trinidad West Indies

Graffiti can be a commentary of a time and place….Along Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, a wall drawing emphasizing the significance of the “present” Trinidad is composed. Preliminary pencil lines traced over by a more suitable durable pigment, namely crayon to combat the scorching heat of this tropical paradise. This is a line drawing, perfectly boxed by an ornament of whitewashed concrete bricks. Here are memories from an artist in turmoil, of a country’s fast-pace and its dismissive temperament to honor a man’s existence. This is a composition from retrospection. There are no high-rises in sight besides the neo-conglomerates aligning the expansive roads of New-Town. The drawing of the Capital’s financial towers are far from the spot. A tall building characteristic of finance and an island in pursuit of progress. Set between the foundations of the society, a colonial dwelling and a church. And between them both, a pedestrian in motion. A new breed of inhabitants marching forward to the new vocation, griping a briefcase in one hand and moving with no time to waste. Briskly walking forward without observing or perhaps ignoring the pastoral peasant clothed in period, not of our times. An aristocratic man that finds himself lost. Across from the haste of progress, this man ponders in opposing parallels, ignoring what happening around him, but yet knowing. Glazing towards the pass and becoming a component of a nation in flux.

A historic note recorded like a stenographer at hand, it tells a tale: “What really going on”.

Sitting on the pavement? This is neither clear nor visible to the public eye, The artist uses the lip of the frame of the bricks to hide that possibility of knowing. There is a poetic uneasiness with this wall drawing. A proud portrait, showing lines of hardship and doubt. A man paralyzed in a motion-less state and not as a physical amputee drawn here with his two aids, a cane and his loyal canine, but by time. No entry tickets are required here to view this public art. Just set your foot to the streets of New-Town to vacant wall façade before the developers of progress move in and whitewash a poignant artwork. – See the work as a thebookmann header

A female companion joins this wall

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