Mighty Sparrow Versus Lord Kitchener

Jacket, tie and fedor, St. James

“He looks as thought he is peeing” an observation from one of the many visitors to Trinidad and Tobago. But for those who know Aldwyn Roberts, the beloved calypso singer; Lord Kitchener, the essence of the piece is to portray how Kitch danced. The jig of lifting his leg was his trademark at public performances.

A Grand Master cast by Pat Chu Foon

Back to Back, the Mighty Sparrow as a concrete bronze – over and chiselled by an Indian artisan in the craft of classical Indian motifs.

There was controversy over this bronze statue of Slinger Francisco, popularly known as the Mighty Sparrow. At its first public unveiling the face of the singer looked more like calypso Rose. It was altered later to partly resemble the calypso singer.

A head of Calypso Rose

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