Miss ¼ mile is no more

A sign removed

Who was this model? And what possessed her to pose so effortlessly. Rumour has it that the former super sized cut-out is actually a known dancer in the area, then others say that she succumbed to AIDS and the sign with removed in respect. But truth is generally the line between. One thing is clear, at the heart of the island’s busiest junction, adjacent to the Priority Bus Route, Curepe, Trinidad, West Indies, it is no more.

Before, Miss ¼ mile adorned the roof of a Sports Bar and /or Racing Club. The giant twenty-foot realistic photographic cut-out of a seductive woman straddled over an Americanized wing emblem displaying the type in neon, “1/4 Mile.”

For men, this is a birth rite to those who enter. A checkered flag awning surrounds the building with two posters of drag-racing engines located at either side of the single-story structure. Miss ¼ mile is naturally back lit by the ever changing heavens behind her and her legs are spread- eagle as if she was exercising with an invisible “Thigh Master.” Then later, she will be ready to seduce the public with her yellow canary bikini top and matching stretched wide-gapped Poom-Poom shorts.

The purr of an engine that brings men in

For users of the Nation’s most traveled road. This billboard was strategically placed on the skirt visible to all walks of life. And without doubt, remarks of men’s virility arise; “Ah could take she and make it sweet,” spoken without restraint from men seated at a window in passing maxi- taxis.

This sign has been removed

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  1. Duane on

    No she was not a dancer from the area, neither has she died or even had AIDS to begin with… She is MR. you can read about her here….


    Typical Trinidadians, always ready to wash their mouths on anything AND everythibng that they know NOTHING about.

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