Tattoo meh girlfriend name – Shawndriell

Most popular requests: Names of their current lover

A friend of mine has a series of butterflies flitting up his arm and onto his back. These delicate colourful dainties are lifelike, beautiful little works of art gracing his milk chocolate skin. I love his butterflies, they seem so free, just as I love the dragon that roars across my brother’s very toned stomach. It is a huge, multi coloured piece of exquisite workmanship. But why would anyone want to so permanently mark their bodies with symbols? The art of tattooing has been around for centuries dating back to early man. Mummies and other preserved humans have been found with tattoos, including the now famous Iceman, found frozen on the Italian-Austrian border love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment.


The journey to getting a tattoo can be a long as carefully considering the symbology, researching the provenance, picking a tattoo artist, working with them to come up with a design. Then again, you could just get drunk one night and decide it’s a really good idea before waking up the next morning with someone’s name misspelled on a body part. The stuff that gives parents nightmares. Most responsible tattoo artists will not tattoo someone without first having a conversation about their reasons, nor will they tattoo people who are incoherent. It’s bad for business. Contrary to popular belief, most tattoo artists are not low-lifes who are poorly educated, many have skills on par with Art school graduates. With the human body as their canvas it is not an easy job to apply a design, it takes practice and dedication, it can take years to become a master tattooist. dating back 5,200 years. These permanent imprints whether plain or elaborate are always personal and have served as amulets, status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs, adornments and even forms of punishment.

The person responsible for some of my friend’s butterflies is Nigel Joseph who runs Godhead Tattoos in St. James. His book of flash is varied and he’s worked in some really good shops outside of Trinidad. I first met him years ago in another incarnation but since then he’s become a full time tattoo artist. Once he used to do etched glass, incredibly vibrant work that graces the homes and business’ of many people in the more affluent part of town. While the rich may have lost their glass genius those of us who respect the art of tattoo are glad that there is someone left to carry on this fine art. – Natasha


thebookmann’s observation:

A heavy set Indian man with thick black glasses, his hair all slicked back and he says this to the casher: Stop dancing around and come and serve meh!

Young redskin lady at the casher, her hair all done up in loops of curls: You cyar be talking like dat to me
Indian man: But you know me, you is meh sweet lover

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  1. lucas on

    If possible can anyone E-mail me nigels E-mail address?

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