Lovely Jason, the Nail technician

Yuh too fabulous!

Jason Lewis is too hot! He is what your mother would describe as a nice young man; ambitious, hardworking, polite, sincere and good-looking too. Jason has a shop in the heart of Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, and he works long hours. Yet, to a whole section of the population, a visit to his shop would be akin to visiting a different planet.

You see the lovely Jason is a nail technician. I am sure that he’s had to deal with aspersions being cast on his manhood at his choice of profession, but that does not stop the ladies from flocking to his tiny, but extremely clean shop perched atop some dark stairs on lower Henry Street. The women who come to Nail It Down are extremely happy with their man, he makes them feel nice, and he makes them feel pretty. What more do you want or need? They keep coming, it is largely word of mouth and persistence, you easily miss the entrance and there is no external sign.

It’s a whole different world up here, Miss Vicky’s hairdressing establishment filled to the brim every day with women getting their weaves touched up, finger waves, a little hair relax and plenty talk. You hear breaking news before it hits the front page of the newspaper. There is plenty of action in the narrow corridor and you are not likely to see a suit but all the ladies were extremely nice. Well except for the sour chick who claimed to be waiting “from early” to get her nails done. As the day wore on her face kept getting longer and longer, but bless him, Jason stood firm to his appointments. He is interesting to watch and you can’t help admire his obvious skill and talent. He is an artist creating little masterpieces upon each nail. It reminded me of mehendi being applied, painstaking detail work all for a moment. If Jason portrayed his work as living installations, like Tracy Emmin and others or sold the idea of societal commentary or some other platitudinous crap, he would be a star. Instead, he diligently services a couple hundred women, giving them exquisite individual nail designs.

The funny thing is that the people wearing these nails might not necessarily be considered to be “top drawer”, that is until the trend is featured in some glossy magazine as a hot thing. You know what happens next. – Natasha

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