Madness, Mathematics and Art

Take a picture of my heart…take a picture of it..

Ariapita avenue in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago is the hot spot for nightlife entertainment. There are many gambling facilities consisting of private casinos, and a few bars littered along the street. This is Saturday night, and the scene is less tepid from the energetic crowds the night before. But something unusual marks the pavement.

Perfectly aligned on top of the iron grill, a sheet of newspaper is positioned between three objects. A slice of bread, the skin of a quartered watermelon and a cap used as a holder to place a scrub upright. This is a offering to the female images are clearly seen in print.

The artist behind this installation continued his process by laying the spreads of the newsprint in a sequential order on the concrete. Further apart, he constructed a bridge using discarded slices of melon in twelve equal parts. They are arranged in a pattern as if it to write a mathematical code. And in the frenzy of being photographed, he stalled at first, then jumped to his feet and pounded his chest with his palm and said; Take a picture of my heart…take a picture of it..

The artist is a young man who is suffering from a form of mental illness, one of the many homeless people loss in Port of Spain, and his psychological behaviour shifted from coherent moods to unpredictable schizophrenia.

Then you must question, in his madness, why art? why mathematics? These are the clues of our civilization, the order, the sequence, and the meaning. See him as thebookmann header

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