Lion of Judah Revived

Anyone can be canonized once their name is repeated in mind and spirit

A wall painting of the Lion of Judah painted on an abandon wall opened to a littered lot of land, St. James, Trinidad, West Indies. This work has been destroyed

This portrait of the Lion of Judah is a sample of the Rastafarian culture that exists in Trinidad and Tobago. The motif of the lion dates back to tribe of Judah from the doctrines written in the Old Testament. The artist has captured the animal at rest somewhere on the African plains. It is in the subtle way he has painted the lion, in the layering of the wash and detail of the mane. The care, the pureness in the rendering and respect for what it symbolizes says more about him, rather than the subject.


A true follower of the Rastafarian faith through his music and words is the Jamaican singer, Bob Marley. The icon of the man is painted on a wall in Sea Lots, Trinidad, West Indies.

See the Lion of Judah as thebookmann header

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