Public Confinement – Michelle Isava

Artophhobia vs Feteophobia

What is more important? the idea, the performance or the public reaction to both? Michelle Isava wants to test the waters and she is given the opportunity to do so at Alice Yard in Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. Alice Yard is a platform for independent artists to showcase their work.

Ms. Isava’s work entails a performance piece of a type not seen to this degree locally. With her video camera, she enclosed herself into a cardboard box and projected a live image onto a screen visible to the people mulling around in the yard.

Ms. Isava’s duration is set at closing time, which means she may confine herself in the enclosure for over four hours. Her concept prior to the performance, she says is to expose herself to places where she feels socially uncomfortable, The power of this installation is its simplicity. And as inquisitive humans are, the disillusion to the reality that the projected video was indeed of a woman fidgeting around in a box all this time had members of the audience scratching their heads and finding the piece quite disturbing.

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