Two lefts confronts genius

The Pan tuner and arranger, Two Lefts, so named because he always had his left hand in his pocket was invited to a pan yard to train some guys and introduce new songs he had composed. He got to the yard a bit early and saw some young men playing basketball not too far from the yard. He waited and waited, then he got a bit impatient and decided to spend his time going through scales and trying out some of what he planned to show his late arrivals.

After more than an hour, the person who invited him to the yard casually showed up. He was naturally incensed by then and said to the guy, “Boy, you have me waiting here for more dan ah hour, boy! Where dees people I suppose to see? ” The guy casually pointed to the basketball players and said that they were there all the time. A bit miffed, Two lefts introduced himself and decided because he was pissed, to ask them what they understood about pan. One of the players took his sticks from him and proceeded to copy precisely all that he had played while they were dribbling the ball on the court. He was so shocked that all he could sheepishly say was, ‘Fine, let’s get right into the song I am here to show all you.” True Story – Adele

Above: A Steelpan arranger airbrushed on the interior wall, located at the Smokey and Bunty bar in St. James, Trinidad, West Indies. – Adele

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