Home ceramics

As Christmas approaches in Trinidad, West Indies, many artisans are having an open house to clear the stock of items they may have in surplus during the course of the year. This the an opportunity for buyers to purchase a personal work that may be higher in price at an Exhibition.

Three ceramicists, Bunty O’ Connor, Adam Williams and Luisa Cacciotti have come together to show their ceramic work. In general, the pieces on display are usable stoneware with a flare of artistic motifs surrounding fruits, figures and glazes.

Ms. Cacciotti explained that she imports her clay due to the tedious process it takes to purify local clay. The clay needs to be washed, and sifted to remove an sediments it may contain or air. As with the latter, if air is present in a piece, it can explode during the firing stage.

Mr. Williams in particular showed the process which he glazes and fires his porcelain and the results are an array of light hearted whimsical mugs, cups and port wine vessels. Open house; Ceramics by Bunt O’ Connor, Adam Williams and Luisa Cacciotti, Till December 2nd, 2007. Enquires regarding this work

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