Psychedelic Goa in Trinidad

Until this Sunday at Alice Yard in Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, this young man from Goa, Indian has brought a few items to sell. He is catering to the local hippie / rave community with a range of merchandise. From swede bags to leather shoes he has selected artisans and tailors who have been inspired by the psychedelic culture.

He says his efforts are to show Trinidadians that here is more to India than the Indian High Commission or the grand Indian bazaar expo and prices run from 600 dollars for a swede bag to leather slippers under 200 dollars.

What is amusing is what he thinks of the Indian community in Trinidad, and of the oddities with their surnames and not forgetting local Indians who believe they are more Indian that him. Goa is very much like Tobago in its landscape and the state was once under the rule of Portugal.

To the left, Rohanic of The oblique imperative with a psychedelic hand painting that reflects the state of consciousness under mind altering hallucinogenics.

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