The Brian Lara Promenade Memorial

A model of the Brian Lara Promenade Memorial to the good, bad or indifferent. The subject, Andy James is etched on glass, a young man known as Canada and nicked name saltfish by many women from his district…..hmm. Source: Newsday newpaper

The ghostly image you see is an impression of one of the many people killed in Trinidad by some form of violence in 2008. As a statement to the deep concerns that we all share in Trinidad and Tobago, and for the senseless scourge of crime, the bookman and Adele offer this memorial to Trinidad and Tobago. The project culminated at the Brian Lara Promenade consists of a series of etched plates comprising of an epitaph with the names of the victims. Each plate is numbered. So far the murder figure since the year 2000 has reached over 2000 people. The memorial may be a place for reflection, memory and forgiveness.

The memorializing may lift the heavy burden which this country feels. The influx of crime is due by a general consensus by the introduction of American cable and the deportation of expiates from north America.

Older women to her neighbour; If I hear pow, pow, pow, I eh pulling meh curtaining to peep, I hitting the floor.

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  1. anonyjw on


    Where is this located exactly? I’d love to take photos of it.

  2. Richard Bolai on

    The model that is used for the proposed memorial was one that was devised and photographed in a studio, It was to give on more realistic vision where the possibilities of having it done seems closer. The piece is a sheet of glass mounted with a image of a person who was actually murdered. You are welcome to place it on your blog providing that the bookman is acknowledged. The more visible the proposal is, the likely hood that a part of it may be done,

    Best regards, thebookmann

  3. anonyjw on

    Not a problem… thanks for the information.

    Keep up the good work. I like your blog and have been able to learn a lot from it.

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