The Games of the XXX Olympiad – London 2012

The Concorde as an example of Invention which the British are instilled by. The Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012 shall motive their ability to host it with a zeal of refinement, power and unforgeable beauty.

As a young boy, I had a fascination with drawing airplanes, and as a hobby, I carved a scale model of the Concorde by using a piece of wood and cardboard for its wings. The model was supported by a wire brace, and the airplane looked convincing and could stand on its own. The Concorde along with the DC-9 were two planes I showed at the British Airways, Air Canada and Air France travel bureaus in Port of Spain, Trinidad and for my efforts, I was given one of their display models.

In my fascination with flight, I devised a contraption using a nylon cord attached from one end of the fence all along to the other end of the yard. The showroom scale model, Air France A300 was suspended by a pulley and the under the wings I mounted a landing gear. At the point where the plane touched the dirt, it gave the appearance that the plane was landing. The only problem was, I had to race up and down the hill to release it. So as it scaled down the line, I had to run ahead to the spot where the wheels touched the ground.

Just recently, I was asked why didn’t I become a pilot, I believe that it was the fascination of machines in flight that instilled my dream.

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