Peter Doig and the Man with the umbrella

A poster highlighting the Trinidad and Tobago’s film festive 2008 by using the work by the Scottish painter, Peter Doig. Doig’s rendition is of an eccentric man who wandered the streets of Port of Spain. His composition is quoted from his original painting, Lapeyrouse Wall

Why is it that it takes the casual observation of an
international artist to see what we take for granted every day? In the work of Peter Doig, Man with umbrella, he captures the steady gate and avid quirkiness of one of our many local characters of the savanna. You may still be able to see this gentleman with his umbrella on any given day if you look with care, minding his own business and looking very relaxed with himself. He wears shades and is very clean. I used to look at him often and one day when I was going to school I approached him to let him know that I found his style very unique and interesting. At that time, I would see him in different shirts with images on them made from bits of fabric. Sometimes he included text too.

The man was walking Performance Art. On my approach to him, he listened to what I had to say and then went into a slow but steady bizarre statement about himself and God. I thanked him for his time and went on my way. We have several loners who may be homeless, may be mentally challenged or may simply be eccentric in our midst in Trinidad and Tobago. I am happy to see Mr. Doig giving this particular character his dignity in paint for posterity, for when the high rises replace the gingerbread houses completely, there shall be a lovely frozen memory of simpler times. – Adele

In its third year, the Trinidad and Tobago Film festive is screening a body of work by Trinidadians and Tobagonians including a host of international filmmakers who have their roots from the Caribbean. The two week festival will give the public a taste of independent film and what it takes to be filmmaker through a series of workshops detailing the process of the craft. The festive begins on the 17th September, 2008

The following list are the films to be screened via the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival


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