Jan van Eyck – Self portrait series

I, myself to me

The marriage, where not I bring forth

This piece, I’ll be remembered for as it is a refection on my life rather than a self portrait. It has layered meaning, and is more powerful than a work by Damien Hirst, because it toys with the concept of procreation to which I will not forth bring. I felt myself quite disturbed and ill over this composition as if it was an omen that life in its premise should not be tampered with. We are condemned if we neglect it of its purity.

In this marriage, the woman here has committed a act that is most unforgivable. I had some sense that her child was not of his seed, and I was overcome with greed, gluttony and of a marriage build not from love but of necessity.

The painter was a man of great repute and he saw fit that his commissions were of a quality that reminded him of decorum, diplomacy and splendor. Jan van Eyck’s heart was measured by his deeds.

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