Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) – Self portrait series

A study of illusion and reality, parody, humour and humanity

In this study, I had doubt a work so famous, so interpreted and debated that I wondered could there be anymore added to its mystery. But yet, in this self portrait, I felt lost again as I had with the Michelangelo study to the point I could not see myself. And then, I felt, a (lady) short, plumply, fidgety and excitable to be in the presence of a (master) who she greatly admired. Although my portrait had aged her, this was a hearty character who through her (flirtation), commented on da Vinci’s wishy hands, his hooked nose and beautiful teeth. And during the sittings, they laughed, they gossiped…..

And in this moment, the intrigued over her smile may just have been her idiosyncrasies, her underlay of smirks which the painter captured so teasingly, so subtle, resonating her beauty, coy and tempting.

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