My flight from my nest – Jasmine Thomas-Girvan

lot of sweet lovemaking tonight……

Jasmine Thomas-Girvan display of objects at Soft Box Gallery, in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

At the Soft Box Gallery, in Port of Spain, Trinidad, on a evening quite cool and breezy, the doors are open to the work by the Jamaican metalsmith, Jasmine Thomas-Girvan. Both galleries are packed to the hilt, as this exhibition is her release unto the world of Hieronymus Bosch’s earthy Caribbean delights, that have drawn her admirers, buyers and onlookers with an feeling of awe and accomplishment. GEMS IN OUR MIDST has been commented as a show not seen to this scale before, with the body of work and beauty pertaining to its presentation. All conceived by one artist, all by hand.

The metalsmith has been working on this exhibition for over two years. It is elaborate, and her pieces have a dimension of playfulness, functionality and craftsmanship hinting on her Jamaican historical roots. In her presentation, the amalgamation of fret or filigree fittings shows her concern over an architectural motif which is disappearing in Trinidad.

One admirer simply said that she is an artist who has improved from her first show over five years ago, and where she began to toy with the idea with small sculptural figures. These has now manifested into larger, self standing pieces that are polished, intricate in detail and require buyers who have a sensory in taste for an objet d’art. – At Tiffany perhaps?

The show is a reflecting of her flight out of her nest, her corporeal transformation onto herself, her heritage and her love of the Caribbean. For Museums, collectors of fine crafted jewelery or specific pieces for individuals, GEMS IN OUR MIDST’ is a must see, to a portal into the finesse of purity and artistic devotion. – The mirror that is myself.
And where Jasmine Thomas-Girvan may blossom from here may very well be in the direction of the Fabergé Egg. There she can explore all the many facets, the mechanical workings, the playhouse and mystery of her cogs, infestation of her thoughts and to her Pandora’s box exposing fragments of her heart.


For anyone wanting to see Art from a unique perspective, yet couched in the fantasy world of Heironymous Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delight (1500AD)You will be most pleasantly entertained by the highest quality, handmade pieces by metalsmith, Jasmine Thomas Girvan. Jamaican born has been living,working and exhibiting her exquisite wearable and ornamental objects for the last eight years. Every show has been an anticipated confection, and this one is no different.

Ms.Thomas-Girvan choreographs every aspect of her show,from the smallest pearl placed in the beak of one of her fanciful creatures to the fretwork holding a spirited shadow figure of caribbean folklore. To watch the steady growth and prodigious outpouring of hard work that is made to look so effortless, is to gauge the mind and the discipline of the elegant figure that is herself.

She speaks eloquently of her process, her delicate hands moving to express her vision. She is mindful of every step of the creative process, and the viewer is never disappointed by all of the attention to detail that goes on in her practice to get her work from production to the show.

She takes us on a journey that we never realized we wanted to go, and she leaves us wanting to join her all over again, and again. Hers is a mark of what is possible in the world of Jewelery, metalsmithes and beyond. – Adele

GEMS IN OUR MIDST at Soft Box Gallery, St. Clair, Trinidad. The exhibitions ends 18th October, 2008 . Soft Box Studios – 622-8610 for more information

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