Shivaji and Ganesha at an All fours card game


The ministry of works All Fours playing house, Crystal Stream, Diego Martin

The plywood shed you see is here is a notorious spot for liming. The men who work? or are assigned to this district are either drinking, drunk or swinging on a hammock tied between a large tree and the dwelling. But on this Sunday morning as parishioners were pelting out with their spanking new sport utility vehicles from a RC Church compound just opposite the newly fenced grounds. An artist showed his faith as a wall painter while his adviser reclined to his right smoking a cigarette and chatting on his mobile phone.


An all Fours card player painting a religious mural, Diego Martin Trinidad, West Indies

A tribute to Shivaji and Ganesha painted on the side of this dwelling. One can speculate that this is for good luck, particularly at night when the place is occupied by card players. Cussing, cackling, women and laughter will resume regardless of the sacredness of the Hindu deities just freshly painted on the outer part of the partition.

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