Wonder of the World

Why are people given things they really don’t want?


Land of the Humming Bird

Those who eat the cascadura will, the native legend says, Wheresoever they may wander, end in Trinidad their days.

And this lovely fragrant island, with its forest hills sublime, Well might be the smiling Eden pictured in the Book divine.

Cocoa woods with scarlet glory of the stately Immortelles, Waterfalls and fertile vaileys, precipices, fairy dells,

Hills and rivers, green savannahs, fruits and flowers and ordours rich. Waving sugar cane plantations and the wondrous lake of pitch.

Oh! the Bocas at the davbreak – how can one describe that scene! Or the little emerald islands with the sapphire sea between!

Matchless country of Iere, fairer none could ever wish. Can you wonder at the legend of the cascadura fish?

Entering the Boca, Trinidad, South America

From the History of the West Indies by Allister Macmillan transcribed from the West Indian Reader 1932

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