Minami + Carnival + Bore + Photographs

A series of carnival individuals photographed as portraits at the Softbox Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad

The Japanese photographer, Shizuka Minami has taken her 35 mm digital camera and snapped sixty large, medium and small photographs during the carnival season from 2005, 2007 and 2008 respectively. The exhibition at the Soft Box gallery in Port of Spain was well attended to see an aspect of Trinidad’s carnival interpreted by a Japanese artist. Soft Box gallery proclaims she is the first Japanese photographer to show in Trinidad. Guests had wonderful things to say over the exhibition, uttering her work as Great…..no more no less.

A Fancy Indian taking a smoke and drink

Ms. Minami’s subjects may have seized the opportunity to be snapped as portraits in a commonly fashion of just posing, and posing it is without any fanfare, spirit or feeling. Her stills taken at the Jean Pierre Complex or the Queen Park Savannah stage had more artistic resonance due to her focus of capturing a moment on subjects whose Trini posing was not on their agenda.

Shizuka Minami’s gentleness and appreciation of Trinidad and Tobago though her photography at Softbox Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad

It should be noted that these digital photographs are printed precisely, they cost from $6000.00 to $900.00TTD. Minami + Carnival runs until 29, January, 2009.

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