Abovegroup – Branding a talks series


L.A.M.E – Chris Leacock – Dance hall school girls screened at Abovegroup, Trinidad West Indies

At the Abovegroup Branding agency at the former CCA7 building, a launch of a series of visual presentations hosted by artists commenced with the photographer, Alex Smailes and painter, Che Lovelace. As to kick off the series, Mr. Smailes showed his portraits of a competition that involved cone speakers which appeared to be a deejay sound off in the fields near Piarco with the large speakers mounted on vintage cars. The recordings, Smailes joked were old 78 R.P.M. Indian love songs from the 1950s. Each Datsun 260c or Hillman Avenger Saloon for an example were fitted with an amplifier / record player / 8track tape deck and operated by slick oily hair comb back deejay. Che Lovelace presentation surrounded a lengthy description of his paintings and process soon to be a published as an Artist book later this month.

What is a “Mic Man? Alex Smailes explains his new work about to be published by Intersection magazine.

Gareth Jenkins explained that these monthly events at Abovegroup can follow the following disciplines: Graphic Design / Photography / Advertising / Branding / Writing / Poetry / Illustration / Architecture / Interior Design / Furniture Design / Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning / Typography / Identity / Chocolate Blending / Spirit Blending / Publishing / Fashion Design / Retail Design / Jewellery / Sculpture / Music / Film / Animation / Fine Arts / just about anything else.

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