Wey Boys looking for a buss head back…….

Is beau-t-iful mural we go compete

“The Innocence” painted as a scroll from the left of the painting, the title of this mural, off George Street, Trinidad, West Indies.


What ever it means, French graffiti artists leaving their mark, Diego Martin, Trinidad, West Indies

According the the graffiti community, word surrounding the vandalism over certain graffiti works have been pinpointed to a couple of delinquent school boys armed with a tin of black or white paint. It has became apparent that a turf over the rights of who did what to who and why has spread to a whitewash of graffiti belonging to the taggers, Manf, Spade and Louse.

The graffiti influx that popped up a couple a years on the places all over Trinidad in December, 2008 welcomed a team of professional French graffiti artists who left their mark on galvanize fences, white walls and road underpasses.


The underpass at St. James Trinidad West Indies that pin points a graffiti artist known as Lailes. His work and professionalism has become the centre of discussion in the tagger forum as he centers himself at any available space, primarily galvanize fencing or a vacant lot.


Taggers debate over what constitutes a graffiti artist by its application. This may be the work by the tagger called HEF. His quirky stencil imagery can be found a many places.


A graffiti stencil spray painted on an abandon wall, Diego Martin, Trinidad

Addendum: A comment has clarified somewhat the spree of iconography by an graffiti artist tagged as HOWOK. The artist has spent a couple years between France and Italy and the sub- signature leiles is actually the name of his girl friend. Case closed.

45 comments so far

  1. graf on

    it is actually one guy. an italian.

    • Richard Bolai on

      Be clear, is he responsible for the resent graffiti or the culprit defacing the work ?

  2. graf on

    it is the guy howok doin the new stuff. apparently he was here on holidays. and as for the person defacing the work i have no clue who would have such motive to do it. if it is school children i cant see why they wud do it

  3. bobby on

    i saw a new one in maraval in an empty lot next to royal palm. cant make out wat it says. also a coming out of diego outside powder magazine on a container thing by the walkover

  4. Hef on

    I don’t know who the hell he thinks he is…but he covered over some of my stuff while I was away… when I return to Trinidad… I guarantee “Hef” will be seen everywhere… Thanks alot Howok (who really is just one Italian man) but this is my country… The school boys arent graf artists, neither is manf… however they could be regarded as “street artists” because they solely produce stencils or paint eerie looking black figures that “dirty” the city in my eyes. People like Bansky and Clutch are respected by the general public but in the graf world… they are nothing but mere toys. I am really glad to see more graf back home… but the wars are totally unnecessary. It is really upsetting when the government or rival artists covers a nice piece… Does that mean i must paint the town?

  5. Jonathon on

    Hef you work is shit so take yuh time …its bess you stasy away frum here.Writing Hef everywhere like a flickin cow.Btw your stupid taggin is lowest on the taggin ranks he has rights to pain over it..learn sumthing

  6. paul on

    Hef you really are full of yourself…..just because a guy is better than you doesn’t mean you go around bad talking him……and if he did spray over your work i would like to see that picture……….because i doubt that…..you suppose to be glad HOWOK came to Trinidad,he brings a different style of graffiti that we don’t see down here and frankly i think he jumpstarted an era in Trinidad…….so my advice to you HEF, suck it up and come back stronger…..let us see what you can bring to the table…….

  7. john on

    i saw sum new ones saying kraze. and i saw a new stencil as well.

  8. Hef on

    its a pity I’m not there right now..fuck u guys… and Fuck Howok… yall to stupid to paint the town yourselves that u had a fucking foreigner come and do it for you… good job guys… perfect way to represent! I dont see u running around POS Jonothan?! with yur name up on walls, no jonothan tags no burners nuthing! so until you come wit some good shit (I real hope you doh do dose pathetic stencils) den you cud open your mouth…neways guys I’m not a fan of Trinidad so say wha yuh wah~! Its all about trains homie… I have bigger fish to fry.

  9. Paul on

    Again my point proven……….Hef you are full of yourself…………..big fish to fry my asss…….now it is simply foreigners and more people seein your shit around(as if what you do is some big talent and skill behind it)oh plzz boi….and i am glad you are not a fan of trinidad so now the whole public doesn’t have to turn their head or look down in shame when they see your shit upon the walls…….so gud ridance buddy and now once again the walls of trinidad may begin to blossom with true art…..so plzz stay where are you are and don’t even think about steppin foot in trinidad to do what you call is art…….it is not…..

  10. Jonathon on

    As far as you know i dont spray, but im not an ass like you to go about spraying my initials all over the place…and lets not start with pathetic stencils…pfftt your the king of producing shit …Ask around…no one knows who hef is,yuh small dawg. And knowledge on graffiti lingo isn’t anything..Its best you stay wherever you are away form here, maby they will accept some novice who “runs around POS” with a black can spraying HEF everywhere..ohh your so hardcore…Grow a pair of nuts and then we’ll talk…

  11. h....k all city's bitch on

    shut up, you speak so much
    m back in trini and u gonna understand what is ”seen everywhere” lol
    and keep ur energy for paint instead of speakin on internet…
    ps: i m not an artist m a fucking wirter!!!

  12. Jonathon on

    That’s what i thought.

  13. Paul on

    that is the right…..the real stuff is back….We doin it big man….real big…..Hef know your place….Practise over…Now you know what time it is…..It’s GANGSTA Time….

  14. fault on

    Yeah hef know ya place…. Ya feel ya so big and bad eh? Ya jus jealous dat sum1 actually good with graffiti came to trinidad….and produces way better stuff than you do… So know ya place.

  15. SERZA on

    as far as i know, la iles isnt he girl name, its french for “the island”…cus he came to our island….same way how he does spray Trinidad(e) and Tobago on some of his work…. i doh know yes….n weyss boy check everbody hatin on heff…loll

  16. polo on

    no boy in french is not la iles its l’ile without an s
    cause s its pluriel in french…
    its lailes

  17. Jonathon on

    Its his gf’s nick name

  18. louse on

    i like the scent of these wildflowers.
    how can you not feel inspired now?

  19. kraze mc krz on

    seriously people. why dwell on such things. graffiti the f**king world

    “The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.”
    -the late, the great, George Carlin

    • wave on

      Hoss kraze how de hell u get up to do dat stencil under de flyover??? And louse i find ya graf rel cool dan….. And howok is rel frickin cool

  20. kraze mc krz on

    anything is possible with a lil help from our friend fernandez

  21. DSU Crew on

    DSU CREW 4 LIFE TOYS!!!!! Jap and Hef Back on de seen… Howok boy yuh go hadda make some rel trips if yuh wanna keep up hoss!

  22. Jonathon on

    Dead Son Crew is such a gay name…ur just proving ur gayness more and more….

  23. jon la joie on

    like hef back

  24. DSU Crew on

    Ways Jonathan… Like I see you real toting hoss… I just glad to see real local men coming out of the woodworks… I honestly wanted to see what was the true purpose for some of u cats bombing the streets of Trinidad… My test (with the comments I made) worked and I got my answer. To clear things up… Howok your style is dope…questionable at times for a man donned a “professional writer” but you got your shit down keep doing your thing. As for you other Toys… dont hate if your work is shit… Kraze change yuh style homie… it getting kinda boring…

  25. reppin DSU on

    we big in the game dred. jonothan, wtf u doin dred. come nah man. we in it. DSU everywhere boy

  26. Graffiti Joe on

    Im seeing alot of DSU work around the place and its good to see an actual crew working together.

  27. Hef on

    … I love the fire in this blog… keep it coming it fuels me to crush more… The Trini negativity invokes the passion of struggling artists under pressure.

  28. Kraze mc Krz on

    dred man mr jonothan, we not hearing yuh anymore.

  29. Hef on

    I wonder why Kraze? I wonder why… VIVA LA DSU!!!

  30. h....k all city's bitch on

    first of all big up your crew dsu!
    i am very happy for you all, it will probably give you the title of first crew in trinidad,very good.
    But dont forget about one thing!! the most important its not the speed its to keep going!!!
    When a policeman going to knock on your door and put you in jail for
    I am sure to be sure than you not going to see graffiti as a “art who resolve all your problem…
    cause you know graffiti its a vandalisme wich is a max of 3years and 300000$ ticket… dont you!!
    Anyway i hope long life to dsu and your graffiti scene of trinidad and tobago…
    Sorry for my bad english I am a lo life from brixton

  31. h....k all city's bitch on

    pss and i know as a fact than none of yall is ready to go in jail for graffiti and expecely in trinidad
    Trust me

  32. Hef on

    This is not the United States or Europe Howok…. Learn our weak judicial system and continue spraying as you rightfully said… “Shut up and bomb” dont lecture me or my crew on graff… The comments posted earlier was just a ploy to figure out your true reasons from coming here… I know now… I dont care…

    Ceci n’est pas les Etats-Unis ou Europe Howok. … Apprendre notre système juridique faible et continuer à vaporiser comme vous avez dit légitimement… « Fermer et bombarder » la conférence mise me ou mon équipage sur graff… Les commentaires postés étaient plus tôt juste une ruse pour chiffrer vos vraies raisons de venir ici… Je sais maintenant… J’ai mis le soin… excuse mon français

  33. Hef on

    P.S. Not to mention… if our law enforcement was too retarded to catch you… the same goes for us buddy!

  34. h....k all city's bitch on

    Yeah defenetly! i was just telling you this cause police ask to some people i know fromwhere i leave in your contry about craze and hef,so it was just for warning yall cause i know yuo all on internet tchat forum wahever u call it!! by the way
    I didnt know you was looking for my reasons to staying in trinidad
    so if you want to know its defenetly not graffiti!
    now you can all continu your passionate conversation and sorry for interupt.

  35. Hef on

    I also heard police have been looking for you as well… so you are not alone… I guess the three of us will be sharing a jail cell… Isnt that going to be dandy? We could finally meet and have a great party!

  36. DSU Crew on

    Have any ideas on decorating the jail cell with your amazing throw-ups Howok?

  37. Hef on

    I with you mister/miss Crackin up… I not taking anyone on…Total wildness!!! There is no war… just art… I’m sorry if anyone taking dis to heart but DSU and I just going to continue doing what we love to do… bomb… Thanks for the support and keep a look out for some new stuff.

  38. kowoh on

    no, theres no ”war” its graffiti anyway…
    but we need to paint more

  39. kowoh on


  40. kowoh on

    and more

  41. newgraflue on

    yea ppl i doe wa dis to happen cuz i lovvvvve graff hosss i eh playin joke eh and i love tosee howok and hef and kraze yall AMAZE meeee lol jus keep up de gud work and id love to see more graff howok, ya stuff is rell cool and hef same to u! yea no scn ent

  42. wave on

    whos fernandez??

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