The calm before the storm


Copyright © 2009 Richard Bolai

A large trailer soon to be converted as a bar or food court to cater one of the many carnival bands, Port of Spain, Trinidad

On the streets of Port of Spain, many street vendors were putting up their tents and arranging a variety of drinks, food menus and snacks for public display as inviting as possible. Some had slept together with their possessions including pots of Pilau protected by a tarpaulin and by the carnival, try to make as much money gods. In other spots such as a body paint outlet, airbrush artists were preparing to casts masqueraders with their inner fantasies as motifs of animals, tonal beauties or street nudes to again push their illusions of themselves in public . Nevertheless, this is the calm before the storm and by tomorrow, clean white walls would have shared the human spirit in mud, paint, oil and temptation. The daybreak bacchanal called J’ouvert.

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  1. wuzdescene on

    Hey Richard ….. I see we both have posts with the same title 🙂 ….. my title was both figurative and literal tho ….. cuz yuh know de weatherman say it suppose tuh rain fuh Carnival

    …. 15 mins ago it was raining in Diego …… now 15 mins later …… if you see de sun …. bright as ever!!!

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