Aubrey Beardsley at J’ouvert carnival 2009

Oh lawd, God give you dat


Copyright © 2009 Richard Bolai
A J’ouvert masquerader uses a classic Aubrey Vincent Beardsley illustration to take back the power of women whose likely parody are portrayed during carnival, Trinidad West Indies. Posing at Alice Yard, Port of Spain.

The artist Adele Todd decided this j’ouvert to bring out a costume with a different twist. And by all means it was a ghastly large erect prosthetic penis attached to her pelvis. The costume was designed so that her manhood could swing, poke, provoke and tease any passerby who contemplated its girth. The reaction to this Aubrey Beardsley the examination of the harald were a mix of exultation by women and awe by men who felt necessary to compare themselves to it. The experiment Todd said was the underlining ttaboo which both women and men feel about sex, and of their inner urge expressed openly on the street by treating it. the penis as a symbol of fertility, pleasure and ritual respect.

Read her personal reaction to the work on sexypink

Adele Todd on the streets of Port of Spain carnival Monday, Trinidad and inciting excitement from all members of the society

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