Power to the Concious


Copyright © 2009 Richard Bolai

Mind boggling isn’t it? What underlaying meaning is this Trinidadian taxi trying to say? Concious, Concious, Conicous…. What the freud is Conicous?


Power to the concious which may be misspelt or just correct depending on who pronounced it. Was the owner or graphic artist who carved these vinyl letters, c o n s c i o u s of it? These types of affirmations are generally placed on the back windscreen of Maxi taxis to give a sense of the owner’s pride. It is also a fine example of spelling as you speak.

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  1. bandi on

    on a higher level of consciousness one could hyphenate…


    the underlying message is that the driver conned you into utilizing the service (at an unreasonable rate)… and the driver now owes you (s indicates plural)… he is illiterate isn’t he?

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