Summit of the Americas delegates meet in the Nylon Pool, Tobago

The dignity for a people to be governed by its own should forsake greed, contempt and hypocrisy.


Commemorative Postcard, Summit of the Americas V, Tobago, West Indies

thebookmann wonder of the world : Port of Spain

Officials at the fifth Summit of the Americas have made an unorthodox decision to host the key meetings in the Nylon Pool, Scarborough, Tobago. For security reasons, delegates are required to wear bathing swimsuits as skinny- dipping is forbidden in the Small island, a mere 166 square miles in size. The host country has also ensured the safety of the leaders of the Western Hemisphere by tendering the security members from the 2009 carnival band Tribe. Ropes held by a convoy of security men and women are to keep off the spectacle from the peering Tobago public to a World event that has never been seen before. One of the treats for the delegates is a tasty Shark and Bake specially shipped from Richard’s of Maracas.

Drawn up on the summit was the issue of Human Prosperity to which all delegates unanimously agreed by raising their hand to take full advantage of the all inclusive three day package estimated to cost the host nation a small sum fee of $19,816,000,000 GYD. Beach balls were thrown in to induce a frenzy as women jumped on the backs of the men, and at a moment of equality, men jumped on any back available. The dignity for a people to be governed by its own should forsake greed, contempt and hypocrisy. Words heard by every delegate, but said by no one.

The Venezuelan president joked at an un-drafted amendment recently made to their constitution stated that Tobago’s sovereignty belongs to them. The Bar-bad-os delegate had his arm wrapped around the cocoa payol leader and kissed him gently on the cheek as they frolicked together in a water as clear as crystal as schools of flying fish nibbled at their feet. The prime Minster had his moment of glory when he reprimanded the US President, Barack Obama for pilfering a good size piece of brain coral from the Buccoo Reef. Where is yuh visa, dou mess with we ting, we’ll deport yuh tail back to where ever yuh born, barked the host leader. The Canadian premier quickly dropped his fan coral. Tobago has the oldest legally protected forest and marine reserve of its kind in the world.

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