Danger Danger HM Elizabeth Alexandra Mary II

Warning, warning, warning, CHOGM, do not touch the Queen

The official Royal portrait artist to HM Queen Elizabeth II before Her Majesty sat to be painted

thebookmnann wonder of the world, Port of Spain

Buckingham Palace has issued that for the security of Her Majesty’s protection to the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government held later this year in Port of Spain, Trinidad . Her Majesty’s M16 has fitted the Queen with B9 to foil any attempts of an alien touching the Queen, The House of Windsor, Her Majesty, Elizabeth II of the Kingdom of Great Britain. In light of the American alien who wrapped its arm around Her Majesty earlier this year, the Queen reacted with a measure of restrain, diplomacy and composure, citing her good etiquette training which her mother, the Queen Mother had instilled to the favorite child.

Buckingham palace confirms that after the incident, Her Majesty walked calmly away to her quarters and closed the doors behind her, then exposed her true blue blood line. This was followed by Handel’ s Coronation played a bit louder than traditionally before as sounds of a Scotch Decanter was heard thrown against a wall, aimed possibly at a stunning portrait of the Princess of Wales.

Buckingham palace would not deny or confirm this. Audio recordings leaked to the press detected a murmur where Her Majesty uttered between her lips…..Lady, LADY…LADY! My family once owned you, Hey child, eighty three years ago, the World was under my belt. M16 text messaged the Queen soon after. Your Majesty, it states, the alien that touched you turns out to be the wife of Jesus Christ, Michelle, a born again.

Organizers hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government in Port of Spain were briefed by the British High Commission that a protocol was in placed to halt any familiarity and seemed friendliness by the natives in Her Majesty’s presence at the conference set for November, 2009. M16 has fitted B9 with a hot blue button which at any moment, the Queen, HM Elizabeth Alexandra, Mary the II, may trigger a high level of volts as a reminder to the culprit that never you touch the Queen. I shock your little bum, she said in a fit of laughter.

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