Obama bids farewell – Summit of the Americas

Treat thyself in deed equal

US President, Barack Obama lifting off from the Queen’s park Savannah, Port of Spain on his secret aircraft, Hotairforce 3

thebookmann wonder of the world

President Barack Obama departed from the Fifth Summit of the Americas the same way he arrived but with an unexpected twist. The Pentagon released a photograph of the leader of the free World, on what top officials disclosed as a craft projecting an optical illusion. Hotairforce 3 hovered over a large field in Port of Spain as his Secret Service escorted both Mr. Obama and the Head of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, caught in a moment of Tobago bliss, holding hands skipped towards the basket of the craft. The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez cut the ground ropes as the vessel ascending into the Caribbean skies. Chavez waved a small American made paper flag in solidarity and recognition of the progress his South America and North America state counterpart, Barack Obama had achieved during their three day all inclusive package.

An emergency meeting session between the President and Head of State at the Hilton.Talks and pressing deadlines continued in the wee hours in the morning, where both Mr.Obama and Mrs. Clinton looked refreshed to join delegates for the Summit of the Americas for breakfast. Hillary Rodham Clinton beamed ear to ear as she stated the President’s package reassured that her America’s interests were indeed met and we, together look forward to a prosperous future.

The Prime Minster of the small Caribbean island of one, paid not from his personal pocket to host the, CHOGM Fifth Summit of the Americas quickly announced to the Nation, that discussions were on the way with Sintex Industries, a plastics manufacturer in India which could profit over the tons of human waste left behind as a gift of appreciation by leaders of the Western Hemisphere. The Sintex, biogas digester can turn human excrement, horse dung and bull’shit into viable fuel that can be used for cooking, generating electricity, or produce natural gas expected to be exported back to United States when the Winter season approaches.

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