Dai Roberts’ Bauhaus Sculptures and Drawings

UNIT started by manufacturing a set of materials in a unitary size1. This size was arrived at intuitively in relation to its ease of working within the human scale2 rather than by the use of other universal standards of measurement. Three found materials were selected, acrylic sheet, particleboard and copper rods, chosen for their visual and constructive qualities. These materials appear to be pristine. A system was devised to work these materials into three-dimensional objects. – Dai Roberts (Installation piece courtesy of Dai Roberts)

The British base artist, Dai Roberts is exploring the Bauhaus and the Modernists with his upcoming exhibition at Kingsgate Gallery, London in a show titled ‘UNIT’ which explores the many facets of making functional commercial furniture into sculptural pieces which you may have the inclination to place an object on it by mistake. Roberts works by a method of disassembling and reassembling furniture with deformity that makes it into spatial art. He also plays with the idea of Piet Mondrian compositions using coloured lamented panels stacked at different levels to give the object a three dimensional feel. In one of his UNIT works, a rather functioning table and chair is constructed reinforcing the Bauhaus code of ethics, Simplicity in design and functionality should be a blissful marriage. All that is needed for the installation is a decor using a Mac Pro and a Rubik’s Cube placed squarely on the table. The undertone of Dai Roberts’ work is the framework that supports these objects.

Dai Roberts lives and works in London. He completed a Fine Art degree at the Nottingham Trent University in 2002 and Masters in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in 2005. He has taken part in the Rojaraku spatial workshop in Latvia, and the Braziers international artist workshops.

Units – Dai Roberts
01.05.2009 – 15.05.2009, open Thursday-Sunday 12-6
Preview: 30th April, 6 -9pm, Kingsgate Gallery, Kingsgate Workshops Trust, 110-116 Kingsgate Road, London, NW6 2JG On Sunday the 10th of May at the gallery, Dai Roberts will be ‘in conversation’ with Andy Bannister artist and Head of Fine Art Sculpture at City & Guilds of London Art School about the show.

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