Terrible relics from the 16th century on Auction

Never in your wildest dreams would you think that any God would allow these movements to exist. Only the lowest of man would devise such a heavenly pain device to enter his mind. His blood, his generations shall bear his deeds

Dachau concentration camp, Munich, 1933

It may be the Bridle of Shame, the Wheel, the Judas Cradle or any given savoured name by the agents to punish a victim and shred them apart, The Guernsey’s Auction House in New York is auctioning off their 16th century Torture relic collection which they privately own. The proceeds are to go to Amnesty International and other organizations committed to prevent the use of torture Worldwide in these modern times.

This comes just after the recent debate over United States instigating levels of torture in its interrogating prisons. This may be a guilt trip to purge generations of blood and death stained into these devices, and in their possession. The Guernsey’s Auction is the most extensive collection of historical torture devices, and over 252 items including artifacts, rare books and documents are to be sold to a buyer without a fetish for pain or having something that causes much of it. Eccentric collectors may relish over getting the original Rack to place side by side to their copy. Careful, objects carry a history.

Before Marcel Duchamp and his conceptual readymade “Fountain”, 1917, these objects serve a function, with a less desire to be tested over its meaning or in its participation

Spike chair designed to torture to death by weight of the victim. These relics are considered works of Art.

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