TRINITY College CT. sings

Mother Mas and Junk Jester – Eh, yuh mudder watch yuh Youtube and shame you is ah Artist, never hear such bullshit

Trinity College’s exchange students at Alice Yard, Trinidad. See Erin Caner’s photographic installation at the same venue

The installation looked like a fucking joke as a medium sized crowd mingled around tables with discarded Chubby softdrink bottles attached in spiral shapes. Bottle caps and very fine text were placed on it which were thought to represent a chest game. A carcass of cellophane sheeting tied to the railings added to the presentation making it acutely in disarray, so what was the interest?

Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, doctrine is to foster critical thinking and free the mind of limits and prejudice, thus preparing students to lead lives that are personally satisfying and examined for civic responsibility, and social usefulness. Founded in 1823 it is the second oldest college in the American State.

Two students, Thea Button and Haben Abraham have braved the chartered waters to the Caribbean and spent their semester via the student exchange at the University of the West Indies. Button and Abraham performed with light dance, and exquisite singing in a play of words, carnival costumes, (the Traditional Devil Bookman) and an public interaction.

Abraham explained that her vocal training is through her Ethiopian mother and by the traditions of folklore learnt from generations upon generations. She sang two of which the first she composed, and ended with a recited Negro spiritual . Ms. Button joined her in a duet and says that Thea taught her to sing, but confesses that she is not a singer. Both women’s voices are powerful, as it really came from their gut and a level of singing that has rarely been experienced particularly at the Alice Yard. Thea Button’s timber that is slightly flourished, but she is able to hold a note in equal strength.

The short and sweet performance ended with an audience interaction by reading phrases of text pasted on the tables. Thea Button, the Junk Jester guided a torchlight to random participants who read with a good vocal command. This was in order to entertain the Mother Mas.

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