Nicholas Emery – Stroke of married genius

Nicholas Emery at Soft Box Studios, Trinidad

An unknown painter, Nicholas Emery has released what appears to be Art. This is said with the fondest of intent as his compositions reflect the urban landscapes purported to be of Trinidad and Tobago. Abstractions and figuratively they, meld as buildings, streets and construction beams are painted with a warm temperature that differs of the Caribbean, as a place much hotter and dryer, desert like in its ambiance.

Work such as the Passage way is painted with a vortex of concentric boxes, with buildings confined by outlines using a pallet of pinks, yellows and oranges with streaks of white to tone down the deeper hues. New York and Midnight acrylic canvases are very beautiful by the manner he places on the simple outlines to enclose the gangly structures. The skyscrapers are stacked with notes scaling across warm rich colours set to a backdrop of cobalt and navy blue. Midnight is a winding motif expressing a pitch black night scene under a full moon with a branch swaying in the foreground, beautifully composed and painted. This man is a colourist, its what he sees with his childlike demeanor.


Nicholas Emery at a show that earlier was packed to capacity

Other paintings are a matrix of a urbanised planning, with buildings stacked against each other like a hodgepodge of dwellings deflecting sunlight off the Laventille hill. Yet, Mr. Emery is not as successful at estimating when to stop painting, as tempting as it seems, an overworked canvas can loose it subtlety and become too heavy in its muddiness. One or two suffered in that fate. Forgoing the minor detail, this show is well worth a look.

Nicholas Emery has been painting for over fifteen years and was born in Trinidad of American parents, his exhibition Urban Introspective runs till May, 30th, Soft Box Studios,Trinidad, West Indies

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