The Hilton Books – Summit of the Americas


One of the four Summit books at the Presidential suits

I always find myself shy in places where I should rejoice. I just don’t see the importance, yet it is here right directly in front of me. Recenty, I was asked to produce a series of guests books for the American delegation at the Trinidad Hilton. As always, this was a rush job with a particular size asked. I found myself objecting to cut down to size because I work with the size that are produce by folding down a sheet a paper. Many don’t understand this process as I am force to cut sheets by hand that don’t really need to be. This is costly to me.


A newspaper clipping on Barack Obama’s stay at the Trinidad Hilton during the Summit of the Americas, 2009

The Obama guests books took on a look that matched the Trinidad Hilton’s decor. This was shear coincidence as the covering material that was found belonged to my Grandmother’s Haberdashery store. The cloth had a weave a weight and pattern to it that was apted. The Hilton was very pleased. But now, what I must content with is the great importance of my Bookworks themselves. This is no feat. To see the American President, Barack Obama bequeath to me, not the Hilton, or on the Accord of the Summit of the Americas, but his signature at his hands, on the sheets of gray laid, after three days of sweat, cutting, slicing, gluing boards and paper with only shoe makers knife. I feel a great pride that my art, today has transcended to the highest plateau.

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