Jetseters fly in for an Art Fair in the Gardens, Trinidad


Alias Alexis , Darling, where are the horses? Lets saddle up.You mean my horse? Oh, I ride bareback

The high profile A.T. flew in on her A.T. Airways Concord to rendezvous with Alias Alexis de Tiesenhausen who minutes before landed with her Antonov An-225 + pool. The only airplane in the world fitted with a 50 metre Olympic size swimming gold laminated pool. The two mingled together at the Art Fair in the mist of the crowds and oneabes who fought through to catch a glimpse of the mega 100 million times prettier than music famed Susan Boyle and the Mosconite billionaire richer that all the recent countries put together at the resent Summit of the Americas held in Trinidad. Both Alias Alexis and A.T. contemplated over the crystal and pallet of imported Guyanese red wine in a garden deflowered with works of art and they graciously allowed 4 seconds in lure of the camera. These very high profile celebrities contributed  Feinin 8 million dollars for his time.

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