Erotic Art TT shows restrain – Nudes, flowers, shapes and lines

Is big people ting – Oh really, let me see your mobile phone


Two of Boscoe Holder’s male nudes at SoftBox Gallery, “Unveiling”, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Hailed as the first kind of art show held in Trinidad and Tobago, the Erotic Art Week launched a series of exhibitions showcasing artists who ventured into their view of understanding what Eroticism means and to a public intrigued over the subject matter.

At Soft Box Gallery, known works by Irenee Shaw, Jackie Hinkson, Suzie Dayal, Boscoe Holder and pieces loaned to the gallery, for example a warped drawing by David Hockney added to the spectrum surrounding the theme of Erotic Art. It was a subject which artist doodled at attempting to find a middle ground that was not offensive to their own sense of muted sexuality. The series of exhibitions in conjunction with Erotic Art Week, Unveiling had a mix bag of meaning, and surprisingly a taste of liberated voyeurism expressed in pastels by Jackie Hinkson and Harold Jiminez respectively. These were the only works that hinted on the desire, lust, and wanting of the flesh. Soft Box also included photographs tailored as commercial or fashion based black and White compositions. Nothing to flint a flame. No holding, no touching, no kissing, and absolutely not carnal intercourse.


A real-time photo studio, hanging pillows and a seres of staged photographs of a couple toying with explicit sex, Alice Yard, Port of Spain.

Marlon Darbeau made mention that his work at Alice Yard was intended to give a feeling of walking through Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The small gallery was painted in pussy pink and white satin pillows were hung from the ceiling, floating if you will. But was this inviting? Where were the high end hoes in the display window? Oh sorry, I know where the low ends are, just a few blocks from the venue. What this work missed was public participation.

The photo shot set was also confusing and attempted public interaction by trying to seduce you into it. But where you the one to take the glamorous , sexy erotic shots of yourself?. What was the point with the camera in the space? With the more restricted works of a man showing his erect penis and in positions with someone (?), the images were intentionally small and blurred, you could not enjoy the pleasures from peeking at it placed in the wash room of Alice Yard’s artist studio with a busybody attendant too fussy over the theme, surely adding to its anti-climatic appeal. Show me or don’t fucking bother

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