Douens Trinidad Folklore

A douen calling your disobedient children into the forest – See the other Trinidad and Tobago’s folklore characters

Douens lurk on the fringes of your garden and call out to your unattended children to come out and play. Douen are one of the many colourful yet frightening folklore characters from Trinidad and Tobago and are the result of children who have died before they have been baptized.

Douens have a distinguishing deformity as their feet are backwards. This is to cover their tracks as they lure children into the forest and get them lost. These stocky creatures are faceless with the exception of having a mouth to eat their favourite food, land crab.

Morals: children should be baptized, Children should not wonder far from their parents and to scare and place some order of obedience if a child does not listen to her or her parent.

Hey Douen, keep still

A douen takes time out of its mischievous life to cause more mischievousness. ” You know my story, you should know why I feel this way. Not baptized before my time, do you know what this means, and the stigma it carries in families generations and generations to come. I’m lost here, I need your children to play with. Can you understand that? I’m just a short child. And don’t look down at my feet. Thats my parents inbreeding. Don’t you know cousins aren’t to marry each other. Don’t you know it causes madness. Check any royal blood line, ain’t dem people different from us? Its a defect, genes aren’t to be from the same pool”.

Addendum: The douen character also applies to the lost a fetus through an abortion or miscarriage

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