Mabelle’s unused Brillo


Feinin-Hermes as Mabelle

Ca-Sandra, is months now I ain’t get a proper brush. All week ah feeling a tingling in meh crotch. Meh eh eh aging like a rust out Brillo pad, everything closing down, if only ah had to wee wee, I’ll have nutting dere. Sometimes at night I does go into a sweat and meh body, praise the lawd does wicked meh mind and any ting ah find long, I does use, like meh cassava pestle, I does go for it and oil it up with petroleum jelly to clear the cobweb. And you yuhself tief meh Sweat Rice recipe. After I scrub de pots wit a Brillo, I say, wait nah, dis pad resemble meh nanny.

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